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Your thoughts and actions are the seeds that determine what grows in your life and what doesn’t

Karma. I short word that is the most powerful teacher out there. We’ve all heard the sayings “you reap what you sow” and “karma doesn’t discriminate.” Well it’s true. Even if you don’t “believe” karma has a not so funny way of giving back to you what you put out there. I’ve read that experiences in your life that you do not deal with ethically will reoccur until you learn the lessons those experiences hold for you. Deep.

Karma is not God or a higher power sitting up there watching everything and determined to punish you for your bad acts. No, it really has nothing to do with a higher power being or God its all about YOU. Karma is like a boomerang. You throw out hate, hate is going to come right back out to you. If you steal, cheat, lie and gossip, that is what is going to come back to you from others.  It kinda makes sense to do good and do right by others so in essence you have more experiences where people are doing right by you.

Of course there are going to be those people who are just plum mean and nasty. But the beauty of karma is you let them do their stuff but don’t react to it because that becomes your karma. Hard to remember when someone is being a negative Nancy or Debbie Downer or just plan nasty towards you.

But remember, there is no need for you to “react,” because karma settles it all. They will get theirs. Focus on harvesting respect and good will of those you interact with – by planting those seeds now of good will and respect.


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