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Victim or Victor?

I’ve started looking at the bad stuff in life as fertilizer. You know the stuff that is put on plant beds to help them grow. One of the big additives is manure. The stinky kind. Have you ever been around a plant bed that has been recently “mulched?” Yea, that stuff stinks. But in a couple of months the plants are thriving. Same with stuff that we go through. Bad stuff. We are made stronger because of it. Think about it. Yes, it’s not the ideal situation and it’s not the thing that we would want but by going through it we are better for it. Think about it. Just like fertilizer. Stuff stinks but does good.

Over the years I’ve starting thinking about the rough patches in my life differently. Being the victor instead of playing the “victim” has made each of the lulls in life my battle cry for success. So, just like plants we get “mulched” once in awhile. It may stink and be hard but in the end we GROW from it. Well, that’s the way that I’m going to think about it.

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