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True Independence

Its been awhile since I posted. Lots has happened. All good things. I got engaged. I’ve started volunteering at a dog rescue shelter and most importantly my health has improved. Lots to be grateful for these days. As today is the 4th of July and we are all thinking about our independence as a country, as a people. There is one other independence that I would like for you to think about. Your own independence. Your independence from “people, things.” Your independence from negativity. Your independence from the past – past relationships included. Letting go of these things is imperative if you want to SOAR! These past people, places and things weigh you down. There’s a saying …..let go or be dragged. Let go of those experiences that do you no justice.

Recently, people from my past have been trying to get back into my life and I’ve had to say “no thanks.” There was a time in my life where I would have let these people back in. But not today. I’m stronger, smarter than that. Doesn’t matter, if these people are family, friends or pseudo friends. There are just some people that you need to keep your distance because no matter what YOU say or do it’s not going to change “their life.” You know what I mean?

So take a deep breath today and be thankful and grateful for what you have. And know that you are smarter and stronger than you think.

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  1. Seymour & Clara Broad

    Great words. Keep ’em coming, daughter, whenever you have time. Love always.

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