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Things I Want Most…Pssst They Are Not “Things”

What is it that we want most? I think everyone has their own punch list of the things they want. Here’s mine:

To be happy.

To be full of courage and hope.

Build friendships that are a treasure.

Find a love that is beautiful.

Find that sweet, quite and inner contentment – always.

Have all of my hopes come true.

Truly understand the depth of my uniqueness.

Remember that the sun will shine again even when it feels like its gone.

Truly see inner and outer beauty – mine as well as others.

Have faith.

To sing and dance like no one is watching (kinda want to do this more).

See a cheerful loving face look back at me when I glance in the mirror.


Find a way to be able to make good times better and hard times easier to handle.

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