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The Difference Between What I Accept and What I Expect…

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a kick in the arse. But this one was a good kick. It reminded me that less disappointment comes with what I accept not what I expect. Ugh. This is hard. Let me tell you. Family, friends and that “intimate” relationship. It’s not what you expect it’s what you ACCEPT.  Accepting people for who they are. It’s like knowing you are not going not going to get water from a rock. Why? Because it’s a rock. You’ll never get water from it. So you can’t get made it. Why scream at it? It’s a rock. It will never give you water. Same with people. Accept them for WHO THEY ARE. Not for WHO YOU EXPECT THEM TO BE.  Once this mind-shift came into play things became easier to accept. For me it’s the difference between the parents you want and the parents you HAVE. Re-read that. Knowing the difference between what you want and what you have. Jeez.

So, the morale of this story is discerning the difference between what is real and what is “ideal.” Then stuff gets real, real quick. Your mind-frame shifts. Well it did for me. I no longer was “wishing” for experiences and feelings.  I got REAL. And my relationships changed. Accept people for who they are not for who you want them to be. That’s the morale of the story.

When you meet people where they are “at” you can’t really argue with what you get. The wishing **it goes out the window because you are forced to face reality.  Meet people where they are at and I promise you; you will not be disappointed. You can’t be disappointed if you are real with yourself. I know. There’s always that freakin’ realm of hope. And that’s what’s sad. That hope that those people will turn into the ones we EXPECT. Sorry to say, let that **it go.

Just meet people where they are at. Accept them for who they are. It’s much better for you and for them. But mostly for you. But know, just like I do, I deserve MUCH BETTER. The thing is that I discern between what I know and what it “is.”

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