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Tech Tip: Email Security

Tech Tip: Email Security

Simple to implement, these 3 tips are a great start  to making sure YOUR e-mail account stays secure.

1. Do not daisy chain all of your accounts to one email address. Separate your accounts so if there is a breach it doesn’t create a domino affect on every account. For example, use gmail for your personal email, hotmail for RSS feeds and newsletters and a yahoo email account for your social media. So, if there is a breach its limited to just that one silo of information.

2. Never, ever click on a link embedded in an email. Yup, I said never. 99% of the time its a bad idea because you never know if its a legitimate email or not. There are only 2 instances where you would EVER click on a link in an email (1) activating an account or (2) registering for something. Also, don’t try to be cute and copy and paste the link into a separate browser. If you receive an email from your bank or credit card company GO TO THE SITE DIRECTLY. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there and many unsuspecting and (lazy) folks just clicked on the link and ended up being hosed for thousands of dollars or worse yet having their information stolen.

3. Avoid Public Wifi at all costs. Yes, its cool to be able to sit out in the park and check your email, Tweet, update Facebook or buy stuff. But you never know that there could be a hacker running a network sniffer program over the network.  A network sniffer monitors all of the WIRELESS activity on a network. So, all of the stuff you were doing while sipping on your latte is being captured by the sniffer. The hacker then analyzes all of the information and can then piece together your email address, password and oh, the shoes you bought? He can back into the credit card that you used. So, be smart and stay off of public wifi.

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