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Bring Your Own Flowers to YOUR GARDEN

My personal view is that our minds are like gardens. We need to tend them, plant the seeds we want to grow, weed people and situations out of them and feed our “soul.” Too many people – and I am going to say women, wait…

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Phew…a word that I have an intimate relationship with. For a very long time I was walking around with a dust cloud over my head of whoa. A mother who fundamentally has no idea what it means to be non-judgemental, loving, emotionally supportive or nurturing.…

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Breaking Through Fear

Fear is insidious, limiting and paralyzing. I believe we have all had that pang — when you break out in a cold sweat, when you are sick to your stomach. Well, if you haven’t had that experience lucky you! From my personal experience, I can…

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Expectations: #1 Killer of Happiness

Phew…talking about a hard lesson. Expectations is like being the only ass in a one legged ass kicking contest. One of the many  BIG lessons that I learned about finding my true happiness was to remove the expectations I had. Ok, its not like I…

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The Error of Equating Happiness with Success

Holy moley! You have all seen it. The train wrecks…people who apparently have it “all” and self destruct. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith, Charlie Sheen, Demi Lovato. Anyone who would look at them would give their left arm for their wealth and “celebrity.”…

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Unhappiness is Easy — Happiness Takes Work

As quite as its not kept, I grew up in a family that took the FUN out of dysfunction. As the great grand-daughter of a sharecropper, grand-daughter of a woman with just a 4th grade education, an alcoholic, narcissistic parent, an inordinate amount of violence delivered via…

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Getting In Touch & Staying True To Your Personal Values = Happiness

Not to get all philosophical on folks; but the journey of life is made up moments – some good, some bad, some great. But the real question is — who’s map are you using?  One day I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t put my…

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The Difference Between A Daydreamer and Oprah

Vision without action is just a dream. And action without vision is a wasted day But vision with action CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Turn your dreams into reality by activating your vision — of the life you want, the love you deserve, your success, your…

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OWN Your Happines

Through the years (not that I am an old woman) I learned many valuable lessons. The most valuable of all lessons was taking responsibility for my personal happiness. Meaning, that I had to stop looking for people (men) or things to make me happy. Once…

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What Are YOU Bringing to the Relationship Table?

So many women have a laundry of list of things that their ideal mate needs to have (financially stable), be like (charming) , look like (6’2″, athletic build, brown hair, brown eye) etc. But the big question that I would like to encourage women, as…

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