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The best index to a person’s character is (1) how s/he treats people that can’t do anything for them and (2) how s/he treats people who can’t fight back ~ Abigail VanBuren

What a resoundingly powerful statement? This holds true for people you have a romantic interest in as well as people who you call friend. In previous posts I mentioned “your world and the people in it” and this is where it all comes together. This…

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What Type of Relationship Do You Have With Yourself?

The million dollar question that I learned through the help of mentors and coaches. This was a hard question for me to answer — at first. My nature (the old me) would always look to make sure others were comfortable and sometimes at my own…

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Happy women know that true courage is taking constructive action in spite of fear

When I was married it was a time in my life where (1) I never thought I would get married (2) I would be married for the rest of my life and (3) I was now going to be happy (or so I thought). But,…

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Loving the DIVA Within

When people hear the word DIVA they immediately think of a materialistic, high maintenance, over glamorized, fake, vacuous, bourgeois woman. But that is not the connotation I want women to think. A DIVA is not a woman who is perpetually late, who only cares about herself, what…

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