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Finding the Good in GOODBYE

Ah, my favorite topic. The art of letting go. You know, it’s just that – an art form. I’ve perfected the art form by literally going through **it with people who said they loved me/family/friends/so-called friends over and over and over and over again. It…

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Phew…a word that I have an intimate relationship with. For a very long time I was walking around with a dust cloud over my head of whoa. A mother who fundamentally has no idea what it means to be non-judgemental, loving, emotionally supportive or nurturing.…

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Who Do You See?

A person walks onto the train or passes you in the street. Are you quick to judge them on what you see? Is your judgement based on what s/he looks like? What s/he is wearing? What s/he is carrying in their hands? The sad thing is…

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There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the WAY

I am not sure when it “hit” me that this is my only life and I am wasting it away waiting for stuff/events/situations that may never happen. Not sure if it was when I cried so hard that I felt I was drowning in tears…

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This is a word that I became very intimate with at a very young age. My childhood was not like most, first let me say that I do not have many memories of it outside of the times where I was playing the role of…

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Anything is possible right? Yes, it sure is. The time is NOW to pursue your passion, follow your dream, embark on something completely new that makes a difference in your life as well as others. I am not sure if I learned this a long…

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