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PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

Hell, we all know that life is hard to live at times. We all have stuff that pushes us to the limit and quite as it’s not kept gets on our last nerve. Being happy is a choice – we know that but continually being¬†happy in the of face strife is the true test. It’s hard. Trust me, I know. When a relationship ends that you had hopes for it hurts but your happiness isn’t dependent on that relationship. Hard to see when you’re in it but it’s true. You can still be happy but it takes a lot of courage to reach deep down inside yourself, grab onto your happiness, your strength and know that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities.

Holding onto your happiness not only makes you a stronger person but keeps you in a state of “gratitude.” So, persist until something happens – PUSH. Don’t give up on your happiness and keep pushing forward no matter what.


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