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People: Those To Keep and Those To Just Let Go


Relationships are hard work. Even the best and “easiest” relationships still require work and two people who are willing to work on themselves and their relationship. Yes, some people will reject you but that doesn’t mean that you reject yourself. No, not at all. And there are people who treat you poorly, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will.

I’ve come to look at it this way. The way people treat you really doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. It’s about them and their issues, struggles and limitations. The trick and yes it’s a trick when you have a habit of taking things personally, is not to allow their judgement to become your truth. Because you can’t control the way people act or what they say. But one thing is for certain, you sure as heck can always choose how to treat yourself!

The beauty of this is that you and you alone choose who to surround yourself with and who you plain ol’ let go of.  No matter what happens, you can chose to believe in yourself and your worth. I may be outdating myself here but remember Star Trek: The Next Generation? Remember the saying of the Borg? Resistance is futile? The same with the trying to please everyone because no matter how you change or who you become there will always be someone who doesn’t approve.

Give yourself permission to be YOU. Be exactly who you are and KNOW that who you are is good enough. With self acceptance, self love and knowing your self worth the right people will find their way into your life. And by the right people I mean those who will love and accept you without conditions. And in the end these are the only folks that matter. The rest? Well, you can just let them go.


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  1. Just surround yourself with those who give you “warm fuzzies” not “cold pricklies” and you will be happy.

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