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Others Can’t Love You On Your Behalf

Your worth and value will not be found in other people. That needs to come from yourself. When you stop looking for fulfillment in other people the shift will happen. People can only love you so much and they can not and will not love you like YOU need to love you. This is when you realize that no matter who comes and goes the base will always be you. So love yourself!

The message is that you and only you can love YOU. It sounds like a cliche but its so very true. No one can love you on your behalf.

Love you.

Believe in you.

Trust you.

When people treat you poorly believe them the first time and know without question that you deserve better. Know it. When you get to the point of loving yourself fully, deeply and completely you won’t tolerate poor treatment – by anyone. ¬†There is no excuse out there that is good enough to make you question your own worth, value and love.

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