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No one Can Drive You Crazy…Unless You Give Them The Keys!!

When I came across this I laughed aloud because its so true. Think about it….you ALLOW people to piss you off (or piss on you). Please forgive me if this comes off as sounding trite. From personal experience this does take some considerable work. When one is ready to retain control of their emotional well being (aka the car) people no longer have control over you. For example, when I am not in the mood to talk – I don’t pick up my phone because I know that I am more susceptible to being “drawn into the fray.”

When I was married my ex husband use to do things that would literally set my blood to boil. Now, when I look back at that time I shake my head in disbelief that I ALLOWED his actions to effect my emotional state. Oh, but don’t get me wrong. It still took me sometime to learn to not let other people get to me as well. From family members, friends, idiots on the street to ex boyfriends. Ok, sometimes the random idiot on the street gets to me a little bit but that’s another story.

The moral of the point is this — no matter what you are in control of your emotional well being. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of being goaded into an argument or to be taken off your game due to someone else’s “issues.” Your happiness and emotional well being begins and ends with YOU. Look at this way — just because someone is creating drama in their life does not mean that you are required to participate in it.


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