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My New Year Resolution is to truly be my BFF

New Year’s is one of the most hyped up holidays out there (second to Valentine’s Day). People are so focused on being invited to the right party or lamenting why they aren’t then drowning their sorrows in copious amounts of alcohol to numb the disappointment. Hey I’m not sitting here from my high horse pointing fingers because truth be told I was one of those folks for the a very long time until this year. I’m a work in progress. I’m not one of those people who just blog about all the good stuff and boast in 140 characters or less about their new shoe/dress purchase, new man, new hairdo etc. The Boss Lady Basics is not about using social media to perpetuate narcissism. It’s all about keeping it real, letting people know that they are not alone when it comes to life, love and family issues. I’m right there beside you trying and at times stumbling through the same stuff and trying desperately to figure it out. If I can help you take a short cut through some of these challenges GREAT. Totally not trying to be Superwoman – I hung up my cape a long time ago…but you know I kept the bracelets and the boots =)

2012 was a challenge for me – it gave riding the Cyclone a run for its money. I’ve experienced losses, took off my “friend blinders” and didn’t like who or what I saw and had some serious bouts of self doubt. So when December 31st ¬†arrived I looked back at the ride and smiled because dammit I made it! I didn’t know I was that strong but like most strong women – we never know how strong we are until we’re in hot water, right?

So……my resolution for 2013 is short and has nothing to do with loosing weight or hiking the Himalayas’. My resolution is for ME to truly be my best friend, to truly see life as a gift and give thanks for everyone of them. To be ME, love ME (warts and all). Be a blessing, be the friend I deserve to have and make a difference.

So, happy new year and may you use this year to be the change, love, and peace YOU want to see in the world.

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