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Life Isn’t Easy for Any of Us

Whenever I’m down like clockwork I get an email in my inbox reminding me that there is a City Meals on Wheels meal delivery coming. I make the commitment to go and I sign up. I get up early on a Saturday morning, ride the train to Times Square and as soon as I get to the church where the meals program is run from I start to feel a little better. When I cross the threshold and see the hard working team members loading hold and cold meals into the carts us volunteers will take out on these city streets, I smile. I think to myself, no one here is in a bad mood.

We are paired up into groups of 2-4 and we head out on our routes.

There’s chitchat with the other volunteers along the way to the first stop and by the time we’ve reached the first destination we’ve mapped out the plan of attack for delivering meals to our homebound elderly New Yorkers. I have to say the thought of trudging in the snow and rain is not fun for me but what about someone who is already frail? How do they get around to shop for their meals? All of a sudden my problems don’t feel so big and daunting anymore. By the time I make it to the first apartment to deliver the meals I am feeling better. I knock on the first door. No answer. I ring the bell. Then I hear movement and an “who is it?” I announce myself “this is City Meals on Wheels” and then I hear footsteps making their way towards the door. The door opens and it’s an elderly man with a smile on his face. I hand him his meal and he says “thank you, thank you, thank you.” My job is done. Off to the next apartment. And so it went for 12 apartments and the gratitude bestowed on me is overwhelming. I smile and my heart just opens up. There is something about helping other people that turns a frown upside down.

What I know for sure is that life isn’t easy for any of us and the things I think are so bad in the grand scheme of things really aren’t.

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