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Lasting Gifts

As you know this is a difficult time of the year for me. At the same time I have been going through some health challenges and there have been times when all the crying in the world would have been saved off if I had a hug from Chance or that smile he gives me whenever I’m sad.  Yes, I am I getting better but I miss my pup everyday.

So today’s post is kinda apropos. It’s Christmas Eve Eve and it’s rainy out. Not the best time to be out and about “shopping” but I found myself wandering the streets of NYC watching everything so “un-Christ-like.” Honking horns, cars running reds lights, people pushing and shoving – all for what? To get that “gift” to sit under the tree and be presented on that oh so special day.

As this madness, yes I asked myself why was I even outside several times, swirled around me I was reminded what a gift is.  The most important gifts of all are those that you can’t even hold in your hands.  Like time, attention, thought, caring, peace of mind, true friendship, acceptance, patience, tolerance, laughter, joy, freedom of expression, companionship, understanding and most of all love. I was reminded today, in this rainy chaos that sometimes what is really important in life becomes blurred by outer concerns. You see, money and possessions are not in themselves important. Only what they represent has meaning. We are in the holiday season and everyone is running around trying to find the best gifts for people in their lives. But this time of year is not about what you get on “sale” it’s about sharing YOUR gifts. I think Christmas is everyday not just one day of the year. You are fortunate to be both RICH and GENEROUS with gifts that have real value.

So my “holiday wish” for each and every one of you is the ability to recognize, express and appreciate all of the lasting gifts in our lives – the important ones.


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