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IMG_5831For those who don’t know I travel to Italy for a couple of weeks about this time every year. It’s a time for me to decompress and just relax. As well as a time to sleep in, catch up on reading, eat some really amazing food and drink a copious amount of Italian wines. And to be clear, these trips are done SOLO. Yes, I travel by myself. This is an anomaly for some here stateside as well as those who meet me in Europe.

Traveling solo does a couple of things for me. It keeps me on my toes and it brings me closer to “self.”  It reminds me that I am accountable for everything. Same thing that happens in every day life but it’s heightened. Every decision I make is a big one. Well, not so big. My decisions here in Italy range from “do I want to sit on the beach today or do a day trip?” Not life threatening but you get my meaning…they are decisions. I look forward to every trip every year. It feels good to come back to the same hotel, meet the same people and ultimately find something new.

By the close of my 2 weeks I miss those I love the most back in NYC. I think about the person that I love the most and  of course I get daily updates about the dog =)

So, the thrust of this post is to remind us all that it’s good to get “away” and just “be.” Be it Italy or a long weekend somewhere by yourself. It’s a good time to reconnect with YOU and recharge your batteries for what’s coming next.

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