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Happy New You!

This New Year’s Eve I’m reflecting on 2014 and have come to the resounding conclusion that I am BLESSED. There was heartache but when that door closed God showed me that he had something so much better for me. When I stopped staring at the door that was closed and asking why….I met my soulmate. There was crazy family stuff but then again God introduced people in my life and I was able to create a new “framily.” The world seemed to become more crazy and hectic as the year progressed but as I sit here and type this blog entry I have hope that we will learn and heal as a PEOPLE. Because it doesn’t matter what color or religion you are we are all part of the human race.

So, this New Year’s Eve I’m going to take the time to reflect on the changes I want and need to make in the coming year. Take the time to enjoy today, continue to see life as a gift and give thanks for the day and all the beauty it contains.

I’ve written about happiness before but this year my happiness test was tested. I really had to remember that the source of happiness is not in events happening outside of me it’s the source of happiness within. Time and time again I was reminded that I cannot control the outside world but I can always control my own thoughts and emotions.

So my resolutions for 2015 are :

Be myself

Love myself

Let who I am, what I am, what I believe…shine.

Be a blessing

Be a friend and strive to make a difference…..BECAUSE

I am what I seek.

So, Happy New Year and Happy New You!


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  1. beautiful post!!! So glad you’re happier. We are happy to have you in our life

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