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The last couple of days have been let’s just say a pain. I didn’t have 1 hour to myself to workout or just sit and breath, moved from meeting to meeting, had uuber deliverables to get out to clients, received a phone call that there was a leak in one of my properties (a leak that was fixed 3 times already), Chance ate one of my notebooks with all of my website and database passwords, received a fraud prevention alert from Chase on one of my cards and I burned my dinner.

Even with all of that craziness I still took the time to recite how thankful I was to have clients, my health, a roof over my head, a 2nd home, a healthy dog, people who love me, my brains and wits, money in the bank, the ability to move my arms and legs…I was thankful for my life..craziness all.

After a few minutes of recognizing all that I have to be thankful for…the rest of the stuff going on that pissed me off moments before ¬†disappeared.

Hmm…just goes to show focusing on the positive is really the way to go.


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