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Get To Know Your Inner Self

Life is all about how you respond to it. We can either respond to life as victims or as the victor. I choose to be the victor because to be honest its more powerful. But, being the victor takes work. It means you need to connect with your Inner Self.  Connecting with your Inner Self is a wonderful feeling. It’s the feeling of knowing that you don’t have to depend on anyone else – for your feelings. That all of the positive changes in our life comes from within.

So, how do you connect to your Inner Self? Ah, that’s a good question and it does take some time. It took me awhile to get there and to be honest, I actively work on connecting to my Inner Self everyday.  So what does that mean? It’s the first 15 minutes of my day when I just sit and breathe and listen. Listen to me. Not to the to do list that my mind is rattling off. It’s the breath I take before I answer a question. For me this is very important because I have a habit of saying yes. Connecting to my Inner Self helped me understand WHY I have a hard time saying No. The reason is that I don’t want to disappoint people because I don’t want to feel like a disappointment or let people down; I want them to love and like me. This is some deep stuff but it took me connecting to my Inner Self to UNDERSTAND why my knee jerk reaction is “yes.” Now, I know saying No is totally OK and has nothing to do with people loving me or not. For me, this was life changing.

Get to know your Inner Self because it will change your life for the BETTER. As it relates to me, I am only saying yes to things that I really want to do. I am making choices based on different criteria and none of it has to do with being loved or liked.

Try it….


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