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Fingerprint Technology on iPhones & iPads? Say it ain’t so!

On Friday July 27th, AuthenTec indicated in their 8-K regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, that they agreed to be acquired by Apple for $356 million. Apple’s $8-a-share offer is a 58% premium over the stock’s Thursday closing price of $5.07. Now, the million-dollar question is why would Apple want to do this? Maybe to get ahead of their competitors or they’re gearing up to enable future iPhone and iPads with fingerprint scanners.

Ok, this does sound super cool and tech savvy but there are known flaws with fingerprint scanners and one of my favorite of all favorite shows, Myth Busters, was able to beat an ‘unbeatable’ fingerprint scanner with a photocopy. Yup, with a photocopy.

So, before you get all excited just know there are ways to bypass fingerprint scanners and it also means that now with any potential breach you’re making it easy for others to steal your fingerprint information from your iphone or ipad.  Hmmm…not so cool.

With iPhone 5 coming out in September we may not be too far away from iPhone 6 users unlocking their phones and making iTunes purchases with a swipe of their finger…or someone else using your fingerprint to unlock your phone and make iTunes purchases.

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