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Finding the Good in GOODBYE

Ah, my favorite topic. The art of letting go. You know, it’s just that – an art form.

I’ve perfected the art form by literally going through **it with people who said they loved me/family/friends/so-called friends over and over and over and over again. It took many “practice” experiences to perfect the art of being able to quickly assess and swiftly kick problem plagued, users, drama makers, manipulators to the door. Letting go does not mean you do not care. It just means that you care enough about yourself to say goodbye.

The point is this – every person that comes into your life is a lesson and we’ve successfully learned the lesson when we are able to see the good in goodbye. The art is all about identifying people and scenarios that are toxic and letting go – without feeling guilty of your decision and ultimately feeling good about it. It doesn’t matter if they are friend, child, parent, sibling or spouse. Letting go does not have “caveats” and neither does feeling good. You either feel good or you don’t.

In the end, the lesson to be learnt is up to us. Either we choose to continue to let drama into our lives or we choose to swiftly and exactly let the it go. It took me awhile to get to where I am today. Today I remove drama filled people from my life like a hot knife through butter!

Remember, goodbye is not a sad thing…especially when you see the good in it =)

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