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Everything Happens for A Reason

When bad things happen, at the moment all may seem horrible, painful and unfair. We are so caught up in the emotion of the “bad thing” that we are unable to see the lesson. Trust me I know. I am the first to say WTF when something goes awry and in the moment I’m so focused on what went wrong, why it went wrong and my hurt feelings that I am not even thinking about the lesson.

But I have to say when I stop throwing a pity party for myself and step back out of the emotion I start thinking through the event. In reflection I see that overcoming heartache and painful events actually helps me realize my strength. Like the cliche…everything does happen for a reason.  Without love, heartache, illness, moments of greatness or shear stupidity life’s road would be safe, smooth, comfortable and down right boring.

The lesson is there if we choose to see it. The people we meet effect our life (good and bad) and help create who we are. Trust me even the bad experiences can be learned from – they are actually the most poignant and important ones.

There is a lesson in every experience good and bad. We just need the strength to weather through the painful ones to see the lesson and keep our eyes open while we experience the good ones. For the good ones, like someone loving you. Love them back unconditionally not because they love you but because they are teaching you to love. For example, I’m thinking about a special person in my life who loves me and I him. Where’s the lesson in that? His love is opening my heart and eyes to things that I would have never seen or felt without his love. That’s my lesson.

Finding your lesson puts you in the position where you can appreciate every moment – good and bad.  And appreciating every moment  puts you one step closer to making every day count.

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