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Darkest Hours Give Way To The Brightest Places

blogIt’s been during the darkest hours of my life that I’ve come to find some of  the brightest places. It’s been my most painful struggles that paved the way to my greatest growth. And, my greatest heartaches made room in my life for some of the most wonderful of people.

What seems like a curse may actually be a blessing. Let me repeat that one. What feels like a loss, curse or heartache may be a blessing. What immediately comes up for me is the situation I was in last year. Phew…I dodged a bullet on that one! What I learned from that painful heartache was what seemed like the end of the road for me in my love life really was the discovery that I was just meant to travel down another path where I would meet someone who was way better suited for me…who actually turned out to be my soulmate.

The running theme here is about not giving up, to keep moving. No matter how horrible things may seem, we can’t give up because whatever it is we are battling – this too shall pass. Keep picking yourself back up and moving forward.


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  1. Remember that when one door closes, another will open.

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