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What I’ve learned is that being happy is a habit or being miserable is a habit. Ultimately you choose which habit to make.

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Soulmate or Not To Soulmate

I hate to break it to you but I do not believe there are soulmates. No, I am not bitter. Yes, I have had my heart broken before. But let’s think about it. How can there be only one person out there who can solve…

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Being Grateful

With my Dad recently being released from the hospital I have been reminded not to wait for a reason to be grateful. Just be grateful for everything that you have now.  The thing is … being happy doesn’t always make us grateful but being grateful…

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Patience or Lack Thereof

As I’ve gotten older my patience for some things has gotten shorter.  There are some people that have the patience of a saint and then…well, then there’s me. To be honest I don’t think it’s a bad thing either. How I’ve rationalized my impatience is…

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Things I Want Most…Pssst They Are Not “Things”

What is it that we want most? I think everyone has their own punch list of the things they want. Here’s mine: To be happy. To be full of courage and hope. Build friendships that are a treasure. Find a love that is beautiful. Find…

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Keys To A Peaceful Life

You start life unaware that you are on a journey. Then as time passes, you go through experiences, meet challenges and then as more time passes we understand that the path in front is about more than seeking happiness. The issues, problems, trials and tribulations, the…

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Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do unto others as you would want done to you. Say I love you everyday, for there is one day where it may be the last. Make everyday count because tomorrow is never promised. Smile. Say…

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An Open Letter To Brian Williams

Hi Brian, first let me say, I was a fan. I really was. And let me now say, I am disappointed, befuddled and at a loss for words to describe the ripple effect your misreporting of the truth caused. I find it hard to believe…

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Life – Stop Looking for A Happy Ending and Just Live

People tend to strive to get to this “happy ending.” Finding the perfect spouse, having right number of kids, the right job, living in the right neighborhood. But some of the best poems I like don’t rhyme and some of the best stories I’ve read don’t…

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One of my favorite songs is Happy by Pharrell Williams. Just thinking of it is making me smile. And I’m feeling a little jazzed too. What if I told you that you had access to this “jazzed” energy whenever you wanted it? It’s true. We…

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