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Cafe Frida

My boyfriend and I were in the mood for Mexican food and we happened to be walking past Cafe Frida on the UWS. Before we went in we looked at the menu and it looked good. Walked in and the place was PACKED. It almost…

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Montgomery Inn Boathouse

Let me say that my boyfriend and his family loves this place and they are from Cincinnati and I am not. I am a New Yorker. Does that say something? It could be because when I make a reservation and show up on time for…

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I normally do not venture over to the East side for restaurants but my friend Jay wanted to meet there for drinks and whatnot. I just had to cross the park, but it felt as if I was going to another world and I was…

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El Colmado

It’s the night after snowmagedon and I am out with the girls. Not a lot of places are open but Gotham Market was tweeting that they were so we ended up heading down to 600 11th Avenue. We had our pick of seats and places…

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Not A Neighborhood Place

Let me preface this by saying I really hoped that this would have been a better experience because it’s in my neighborhood and it’s a short walk from my apartment. I really wanted to become a “regular” here.  Alas, 2 stars….and it just eeked out…

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Polo Anyone?

Well, the first thing I can say is that the reservation process is out of this world. It appears that they have “improved” from their opening but the process is still lackluster. I’ve dined at some of the most notable restaurants in the city and…

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Knowing Your Value

Value. It’s defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary “as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” A great definition but how does one apply that to oneself? It’s knowing that you are a treasure. It’s knowing what you…

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Stop Looking In the Rearview Mirror

The past is the past but sometimes our past comes back to haunt, bother or remind us of what use to be. Here’s the thing about the past. You can’t move forward if you’re looking back. It’s like driving a car. You can not navigate…

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Stop Making Yourself “Small”

I learned that I was doing this when I was working with my coach. He would say stop giving away your power. I really didn’t “get” what he meant by it so I asked him.  He said, “stop saying yes when you really want to…

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Choose To Be Happy

Being happy is a choice, but it’s a big choice. It’s the choice to be happy all the time not just when it’s easy to be happy when things are all going your way and “right.” It’s one of these things that we really must…

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