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Hudson House

Not one to head up “North” for fine dining but I found myself in Nyack, NY for dinner at the Hudson House which happens to be the former jail and village hall for Nyack. Normally, I do not go to places that tout being a…

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Started the evening off with attending a technology mixer and was unceremoniously kicked out due to the impending reservations. Wanting to continue our festivities of talking all things tech we asked what’s a nice place to get something to eat and they say Ecco’s. Since…

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The number one reason so many people give up is that they look at how far it is they have to go instead of how far they have come.

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Keep Going

One of the hardest things to do is to keep going when everything is saying stop. Your feet hurt, your head hurts, your body aches, your heart is so broken and it feels as if its going to just break into shards of little pieces.…

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Cooking Class At Sur La Table

Cooking class at Sur La Table last night was educational. To dispel any myth out there I am a good cook. No, I need to restate that. I’m a GREAT cook. I’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinners for friends for 5 years running as well as countless…

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Sunny Day In NYC

Today was a day where I totally wanted to call in “sick” and just sit in Central Park with the dog. It was hard to concentrate sitting at my desk and looking at the sunshine through the floor to ceiling windows of my office. These…

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Marc Forgione…The Restaurant

Saturday night reservation for two at one of the earlier seatings and I have to say it is, was and will be worth it. Known for having creative drinks I opted for a medium body red wine which I learned is only being served at…

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The Best Is Yet To Come

Does it make the cut? Yes, it does. It’s another good showing by Marc Forgione. Why not 5 stars? First, it’s new and I want them to earn 5 stars. Second, they have a few things to work out…staff education (smarter hostesses and waiters that…

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Meat Yes, Company No

Let me just say that I had high hopes after the syrupy sweet of a review by Michael C. I would have never brought my client here for dinner if I’d known. I wouldn’t say I’m an official foodie but my review of one restaurant…

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Steak or Not To Steak

NYC is a town full of steakhouses and there are some really good ones…American Cut is one of them. Unfortunately, Michael should stick to playing sports because this steakhouse is not one to rave about. The food is “steakhouse presented” but it’s wanting for better.…

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