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Really? A Proposal?

Last night I was told the most amazing proposal story that I have EVER heard in my life. From helicopter rides, “surprise” engagement party, 3.5 carat oval diamond, champagne and a suite at the Mandarian Hotel. When the recount of the story came to an…

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Crazy — Plum Crazy

So, my bad about last night. I was exhausted and convinced myself that if I took a quick “nap” I would be able to get up and make an entry in the blog. Oh well, we can see how perfectly well that worked out. Yesterday…

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For me the definition of success is….

when start from scratch and keep on scratchin’ all the way to the top……Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch  

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Love at First Sight? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Since I started this blog that talks about love, online and real time dating people ALWAYS ask me if I believe in love at first sight. And always…..these folks are looking for me to quickly say yes or no. But as you all have known…

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Needless to say I could not sleep last night and when I did fall asleep it was time for me to wake up…

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A site for everything

I don’t know why I am amazed at this because nothing should really shock me anymore..but there is an actual web site called “ways to get your ex back.” It provides a step by step guide to how to “woo” you ex back with text…

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Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

Phew…this is a good one and so very true. The hard look in the mirror at the person staring back at you. Not just looking to fix your hair and makeup or pick food out of your teeth. This is the HARD HARD look one…

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Laundry, dog park and production fixes

One of the things about international travel is the laundry that follows. Well, it doesnt help matters when I was awakened at 3:45 AM with a call from a pissed off executive in the UK and from there I knew my day was going to…

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When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup

Spot on…on so many levels.  What makes me shake my head in amazement at the tomfoolery folks make out of their lives is that they tend to forget that no one gets out of this alive — we all die. Ok, that sounds mighty morbid…

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Nobody’s Perfect

The secret is out…no one is perfect. So, for all of the women out there who are waiting for their perfect Prince Fucking Charming to show up here’s a hint…….HE IS NOT COMING. Look, I am not bitter or saying this because I have had…

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