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Things I Want Most…Pssst They Are Not “Things”

What is it that we want most? I think everyone has their own punch list of the things they want. Here’s mine: To be happy. To be full of courage and hope. Build friendships that are a treasure. Find a love that is beautiful. Find…

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An Open Letter To Brian Williams

Hi Brian, first let me say, I was a fan. I really was. And let me now say, I am disappointed, befuddled and at a loss for words to describe the ripple effect your misreporting of the truth caused. I find it hard to believe…

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My dog is named Chance. He’s my second chance to love. That’s why he’s named Chance. As you know…I was married before and we had 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs. Well, that marriage didn’t end well and my ex did not want to co parent without…

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Get To Know Your Inner Self

Life is all about how you respond to it. We can either respond to life as victims or as the victor. I choose to be the victor because to be honest its more powerful. But, being the victor takes work. It means you need to…

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Listening To You

What I’ve learned is that there are a few people in this world who will be completely true to you and YOU definitely need to be one of them. It took me awhile to learn to discern between my own voice and the voice of…

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Don’t Care Where You Go – You Just Need to Get Out Of Here

If there is one thing that I can tell you it’s this. Don’t ever feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. Never ever feel guilty about it. Over the years I’ve become absolutely intolerable to toxic people. I call it my spidey sense.…

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When people do not communicate or connect with us in the way that we need, it’s easy for us to internalize that as a reflection of our worth. I have a bad habit of doing that too. But then I remember, the way other people…

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Darkest Hours Give Way To The Brightest Places

It’s been during the darkest hours of my life that I’ve come to find some of  the brightest places. It’s been my most painful struggles that paved the way to my greatest growth. And, my greatest heartaches made room in my life for some of the…

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Forgiveness: It’s For You

Forgiveness. Its become one of my favorite F words. It occurred to the me that one of the areas in my life that I needed to work on for my own spiritual growth and development was forgiving the people that “wronged me.” This was hard…

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Be the CEO Of Your Life

The premise of my book Boss Lady Basics: Lessons on Life, Love and Leadership is all about showing people how to put the “B” in Boss and be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life.  It took me awhile to become the Boss of my…

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