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My Choiceless Choice

I’m learning the hard way that suffering only increases when you demand from life that “this should not be happening to me.” When we go through crises our initial stance is to look at things as they “should be” and not address things for as…

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Emotional Vampires

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Lots going on in my life right now. Not sure where to start. First off I’m missing my dog every day. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think about him. From hearing another dog bark…

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For the last 8 years, Halloween has been my most favorite holiday. Chance and I use to dress up in our costumes and go trick or treating on the Upper Westside, turning heads, posing for pictures all the while having a great time. So, this…

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Truly Being On Vacation

It took me awhile to truly appreciate being on vacation. There was a time when I would bring my “work phone” with me and check emails every morning – while on vacation. Then I would wonder why I didn’t feel like I was on vacation.…

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Closing The Chapter – Good Riddance

  Sometimes, one just needs to turn the page to get unstuck. Sometimes you need to make the page you are on the last page of the chapter to move on. That’s what I’m doing with certain people in my life. This is the final…

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Others Can’t Love You On Your Behalf

Your worth and value will not be found in other people. That needs to come from yourself. When you stop looking for fulfillment in other people the shift will happen. People can only love you so much and they can not and will not love…

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Your thoughts and actions are the seeds that determine what grows in your life and what doesn’t

Karma. I short word that is the most powerful teacher out there. We’ve all heard the sayings “you reap what you sow” and “karma doesn’t discriminate.” Well it’s true. Even if you don’t “believe” karma has a not so funny way of giving back to…

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It doesn’t matter who you used to be…What matters is who you decide to be today

Make peace with your past so that it doesn’t mess up your present. What you used to do is totally different from what you do. Be the person you want to be and leave the used to and old thinking to the wayside. If we want…

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The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 5 Ways To Change Your Attitude

Not to be overly dramatic but time is running out. We are not promised tomorrow so it’s imperative we live for today. Tell people you love you love them. Hug them. Be the best person you can be today. I learned how to change my…

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PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

Hell, we all know that life is hard to live at times. We all have stuff that pushes us to the limit and quite as it’s not kept gets on our last nerve. Being happy is a choice – we know that but continually being happy…

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