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V-Day…Just Another Day

Its this time of year when panic seems to set in for most pre-pubescent¬†men. For those in relationships, woe to the guy who does not deliver the right romance or expected event. For those who are single its the day where either you are holding…

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Wait, It’s Not A Dog?

When the news about Demi Moore broke I was at first dumbfounded about what put her in the hospital and subsequently rehab. I was like…a whippet put her in the hospital? Wow, a 15 pound dog put her in the hospital? Ok, my age is…

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The Secret to Happiness…..

So many people are on the hunt for that “thing/person” that will make them happy. For example, Kim Kardashian’s happiness was tied up in being someone’s wife and when she got married she wondered why she STILL wasn’t happy. Oh, I wonder why? Because she…

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Happy New YOU!

Let’s go beyond the conventional approach of thinking of the new year as happening “outside” of us. When we expect happiness to come TO US from the outside, we usually end up disappointed when we get it and are confused when we still aren’t happy.…

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