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Yes, Wow…Thank You

Why does it always take a tragedy or near tragedy to GET IT. To get it that everyday is a gift and that we need tobe grateful for what we have and not worry about what we don’t have? Well, as Chance and I along…

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The Upside of Rejection

One of the things that I can honestly say that I still to this day have a hard time with is rejection. No, I’m not talking about not winning the lottery or pulling the loosing straw to win a pair of Jimmy Choos. I am…

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With Fear There’s Only 2 Choices: Run or Rise

There are days when I feel like I can’t cry anymore. There are also days when I feel like the load on my shoulders is just too heavy to bear. Then I remember that no one ever promised me a life with “no problems.” I’m…

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Release Your Inner Genius and Change Your Life – Forever

How can one release their inner genius? Yes, I am talking about Einstein genius. Ok…..It took me awhile to understand what that meant….but in order to release your inner genius you need to find your true self. You know…the real you buried underneath the piles…

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A Heat Wave, Family Reunion and the Fragile State of the Union

The heat wave that struck the DC area last weekend was the same weekend of my paternal family reunion. It was overwhelming meeting “family” that you’ve never met before in 40 years. But, it was also fun to look at pictures of my great grandparents…

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I Am Who I Am……Finally

What was Popeye’s mantra again, hmm, wait I have it…”I AM WHAT I AM!” Let me tell you, I never understood what that phrase meant, until I stopped trying to figure it out, and started believing in it’s meaning. At a certain point,  life becomes…

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

Thursday night I was reminded that doing is way better than not doing. After a brief but empowering discussion with Allison Arden I was inspired to pull out my crayons and color like an 8 year old. I forgot how much I loved to color, I…

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Knowing when to Hire or Fire Him!

In business I am just on. I walk in, grab my coffee and drink it  while I’m pursue the Financial Times and then hit the deluge of emails that await me. It’s second nature to me to run a meeting, assess the work of my…

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The Boss Lady of Love: 5 MUST Have Tips For “MAN-aging” Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s day can be tough but don’t give up. For those looking for that last minute valentine or preparing for ensuring you’ve snagged a valentine for next year; here are 5 secrets successful single girls should know about online dating: 1. Don’t get stuck behind…

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New York Fashion Week 2012

One of the MANY things I love about living in NYC specifically living on the UWS is the fact that not only is Central Park 2 blocks away but Fashion Week is now at Lincoln Center! This year I had the pleasure of being invited…

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