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What If

What is for sure is that we all have limited time here. No day is promised but we don’t always live like it. What if you were told you had until 8:45 PM and then you were going to die? Every conversation,  moment you spent…

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Things I Want Most…Pssst They Are Not “Things”

What is it that we want most? I think everyone has their own punch list of the things they want. Here’s mine: To be happy. To be full of courage and hope. Build friendships that are a treasure. Find a love that is beautiful. Find…

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Life: Don’t Measure Just Live

There was a time in my life when I looked in the mirror and wanted to change everything. I was looking for a sense of perfection of which I now know does not exist. This “perfect” life that I was wishing for was a result of…

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A Few Things To Remember

Life is too short for nonsense. So refuse to be unhappy. Be happy instead. Refuse to let your problems become so overwhelming. Just take one at a time. Just because I write about this stuff doesn’t mean that I don’t need a reminder once in…

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Get To Know Your Inner Self

Life is all about how you respond to it. We can either respond to life as victims or as the victor. I choose to be the victor because to be honest its more powerful. But, being the victor takes work. It means you need to…

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It’s All Your Choice

Lord knows, I didn’t have the best childhood. But it was better than most. Now I can sit around and blame my parents for doing the best they knew how which clearly wasn’t enough for me or I can just recognize that they did the…

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Tempering Your Expectations of Others

Disappointment. Ugh. Something that I use to feel….a lot. I had to ask myself this question many, many times “why am I disappointed so much?” The answer wasn’t in the people that disappointed me. The answer was in how I had expectations of people. It was…

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One of my favorite songs is Happy by Pharrell Williams. Just thinking of it is making me smile. And I’m feeling a little jazzed too. What if I told you that you had access to this “jazzed” energy whenever you wanted it? It’s true. We…

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People: Those To Keep and Those To Just Let Go

Relationships are hard work. Even the best and “easiest” relationships still require work and two people who are willing to work on themselves and their relationship. Yes, some people will reject you but that doesn’t mean that you reject yourself. No, not at all. And…

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Forgiveness: It’s For You

Forgiveness. Its become one of my favorite F words. It occurred to the me that one of the areas in my life that I needed to work on for my own spiritual growth and development was forgiving the people that “wronged me.” This was hard…

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