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Remembering What’s Important And It’s Not Things

So, we just went through what some has called the storm of the century and let me tell you..I was scared. The forecasts were bleak and there wasn’t much I could do but just wait it out with the rest of the folks along the…

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Happy New YOU!

Let’s go beyond the conventional approach of thinking of the new year as happening “outside” of us. When we expect happiness to come TO US from the outside, we usually end up disappointed when we get it and are confused when we still aren’t happy.…

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Scared? Yep, but act like you’re not and ENJOY!

I’ve been called fearless by many who look “at” my life and the things that I’ve accomplished and overcome thus far. Yes, I’ve looked fear in the face and pushed through some really scary shit, but, when it comes to my feelings..hmmm…me not so fearless.…

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Compassion and lack thereof

Here I am trekking up the East-side of Harlem River drive in my hybrid ZipCar..coming back from a day of shopping along the North Shore of Long Island.  I am bopping along singing way off key to Katy Perry’s Firework when I glance to the…

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Living in the NOW when stuck in the past & thinking about the future?

For most we’ve heard the saying “live in the now because the present is a gift; forget about the past because it’s over and don’t worry about the future because there is only today.”   There was a time when I couldn’t even tell you…

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