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Dwelling on the Past

One of the hardest things I had to learn was buttoning up the past. Past hurts, not so great experiences and just plain ol’ bad experiences. For a while I would just rehash them and that was as much fun as getting a daily root…

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Everything Happens for A Reason

When bad things happen, at the moment all may seem horrible, painful and unfair. We are so caught up in the emotion of the “bad thing” that we are unable to see the lesson. Trust me I know. I am the first to say WTF…

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Prisoner or Pioneer?

Old feelings. We all have them. When they come up it’s so easy to just fall into the comfort of what you normally would do. But then you ask yourself….why is the same thing happening? Why am I feeling the same way? Well, if you are…

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Small Steps

I’ve tried to make other people happy, by faking happiness and ended up being absolutely miserable. Some things were right and then some things were just so plain wrong it couldn’t be faked. Nothing I could do to change the wrong things – all with…

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Bring Your Own Flowers to YOUR GARDEN

My personal view is that our minds are like gardens. We need to tend them, plant the seeds we want to grow, weed people and situations out of them and feed our “soul.” Too many people – and I am going to say women, wait…

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Perfectly Imperfect

The challenge with coming from a difficult childhood specifically having emotionally devoid parents is the “all good or all bad” viewpoint.  There is literally no gray. Nope. It is or it isn’t; that’s it. However, that type of viewpoint is not part of the prescription…

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The Definition of Beauty

A few weeks ago I awoke feeling really good. As I throw the covers off me I spring out of bed saying aloud “it’s a GREAT DAY.” Chance looked at me with one eyebrow raised and let out a “huff” as he shifted on his…

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Hire Him or Fire Him: How To Run Your Love Life Like A Successful Business

Valentine’s Day, the dreaded holiday for single women everywhere. The bombardment of all things love and coupledom starts on January 1st and continues to gain speed up until the culminating date (no pun intended) of February 14th.  This level of pressure can drive any woman to…

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If You’re Already On the Floor…It Can’t Get Any Worse so GET UP!

Hard to hear when you are on the floor in the fetal position right? You don’t have to tell me because I’ve been there – SEVERAL TIMES. And the person telling me to get back up was my Dad. In between my ugly snot filled…

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It’s Not Giving Up When You Choose To Let Go of DRAMA

One of the things that took me a long, VERY long time to learn is the difference between giving up and letting go. It’s a BIG, really big difference. Being the type A personality that I am; loosing or the appearance of loosing is something…

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