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We are all here to learn lessons. Every experience that we go through has a lesson in it to be learnt. That’s what makes up this thing we call life. The key about lessons is that they are borne out of mistakes. Either you making…

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Stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive

The New Year brings about tons of resolutions and setting of goals for the coming year. But the New Year is also about taking the time to reflect on who and what is in your life. Of course you can look at what’s missing. But before…

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Today was a big day. Chance, my beloved pup, had to go in for a medical test. I got zero sleep the night before but I was energized, nervous and scared this morning as we made our way along the busy street to City Vet…

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Happiness is a state of mind. I have an alarm set on my phone for 8 am everyday which reminds me to ask myself “what makes you happy?” Every morning at 8 AM it would sound off and I would look at my phone and ask…

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You are the most unique being out there. And do you know what? There is no one like you. You’re an original…a masterpiece. So why would you want to be like anyone else? Celebrate your uniqueness. Hell…don’t let your uniqueness make you shy. Be the…

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As I look back its clear that a number of the losses I’ve experienced in my life were not really a loss at all. I say that because out of a “loss” something wonderful, enlightening or beautiful happened. Granted during the time of the “loss” I was…

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Happy New You!

This New Year’s Eve I’m reflecting on 2014 and have come to the resounding conclusion that I am BLESSED. There was heartache but when that door closed God showed me that he had something so much better for me. When I stopped staring at the…

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It’s About What You Do Not What You Say You’ll Do

Do what you say. Simple right? Not so much. A lot of people have a hard time living up to their word to themselves as well as others. It’s where a lot of stress and discontent come into play. I could write for days about people…

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Dwelling on the Past

One of the hardest things I had to learn was buttoning up the past. Past hurts, not so great experiences and just plain ol’ bad experiences. For a while I would just rehash them and that was as much fun as getting a daily root…

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Everything Happens for A Reason

When bad things happen, at the moment all may seem horrible, painful and unfair. We are so caught up in the emotion of the “bad thing” that we are unable to see the lesson. Trust me I know. I am the first to say WTF…

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