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Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do unto others as you would want done to you. Say I love you everyday, for there is one day where it may be the last. Make everyday count because tomorrow is never promised. Smile. Say…

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My dog is named Chance. He’s my second chance to love. That’s why he’s named Chance. As you know…I was married before and we had 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs. Well, that marriage didn’t end well and my ex did not want to co parent without…

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A Few Things To Remember

Life is too short for nonsense. So refuse to be unhappy. Be happy instead. Refuse to let your problems become so overwhelming. Just take one at a time. Just because I write about this stuff doesn’t mean that I don’t need a reminder once in…

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Get To Know Your Inner Self

Life is all about how you respond to it. We can either respond to life as victims or as the victor. I choose to be the victor because to be honest its more powerful. But, being the victor takes work. It means you need to…

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Be P (Patient) & T (Tough)

Lord knows that we all have bad days. The telling point is how people deal with it. I know it’s hard to smile when you want to kick, scream at the top of your lungs and just cry.  But smile anyway. Be P+T. That’s my…

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Reclaim Your Thoughts About You

We weren’t born with low self esteem. Just like we weren’t born to self hate, hate other people or be prejudiced. It was some point in your journey that an experience or some person sent you a message that something was “wrong with you.” And…

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It’s All Your Choice

Lord knows, I didn’t have the best childhood. But it was better than most. Now I can sit around and blame my parents for doing the best they knew how which clearly wasn’t enough for me or I can just recognize that they did the…

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Who Are You Loving?

Is there truly a soulmate? Not sure, maybe. What I do believe in is being with someone who loves you well. Someone who doesn’t belittle you, someone who knows what you are capable of and celebrates that. Not someone who is intimidated by your strength. If…

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Tempering Your Expectations of Others

Disappointment. Ugh. Something that I use to feel….a lot. I had to ask myself this question many, many times “why am I disappointed so much?” The answer wasn’t in the people that disappointed me. The answer was in how I had expectations of people. It was…

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Listening To You

What I’ve learned is that there are a few people in this world who will be completely true to you and YOU definitely need to be one of them. It took me awhile to learn to discern between my own voice and the voice of…

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