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Things I Want Most…Pssst They Are Not “Things”

What is it that we want most? I think everyone has their own punch list of the things they want. Here’s mine: To be happy. To be full of courage and hope. Build friendships that are a treasure. Find a love that is beautiful. Find…

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Happiness is a state of mind. I have an alarm set on my phone for 8 am everyday which reminds me to ask myself “what makes you happy?” Every morning at 8 AM it would sound off and I would look at my phone and ask…

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As I look back its clear that a number of the losses I’ve experienced in my life were not really a loss at all. I say that because out of a “loss” something wonderful, enlightening or beautiful happened. Granted during the time of the “loss” I was…

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Perfectly Imperfect

The challenge with coming from a difficult childhood specifically having emotionally devoid parents is the “all good or all bad” viewpoint.  There is literally no gray. Nope. It is or it isn’t; that’s it. However, that type of viewpoint is not part of the prescription…

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The Definition of Beauty

A few weeks ago I awoke feeling really good. As I throw the covers off me I spring out of bed saying aloud “it’s a GREAT DAY.” Chance looked at me with one eyebrow raised and let out a “huff” as he shifted on his…

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