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Let Go Or Be Dragged

This is a good one. There are some things that you just need to let go of. I learned this lesson the hard way. Some things were just hard for me let go. The biggest one was family. Totally not a Rockwell experience. You can…

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True Independence

Its been awhile since I posted. Lots has happened. All good things. I got engaged. I’ve started volunteering at a dog rescue shelter and most importantly my health has improved. Lots to be grateful for these days. As today is the 4th of July and…

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How People Treat You – Believe Them The First Time

I was in a relationship with a man whose words did not match his actions. And for a long time I was confused, unhappy and unfulfilled in my “relationship” with him. UNTIL one day I stopped asking the¬†question why and just looked at the way…

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The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 5 Ways To Change Your Attitude

Not to be overly dramatic but time is running out. We are not promised tomorrow so it’s imperative we live for today. Tell people you love you love them. Hug them. Be the best person you can be today. I learned how to change my…

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