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Bring Your Own Flowers to YOUR GARDEN

My personal view is that our minds are like gardens. We need to tend them, plant the seeds we want to grow, weed people and situations out of them and feed our “soul.” Too many people – and I am going to say women, wait for someone or something to “make them happy” or “make them complete.”  No man,  job nor child is going to make you happy. Yes, I said it. Joy and happiness always comes from within – not “with-out.”  Which means, feed your soul. Find what makes YOU happy and tend your garden to nurture and grow happiness that comes from within YOU.

Too many times we wait for some sort of external event or person to happen that we think will “make us happy.” And when that event or thing happens, we scratch our heads and wonder – where is the happiness? Where is the feeling of accomplishment and completeness?

Instead of waiting for someone/something to bring FLOWERS to your garden how about you grow your own?

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