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Today was a day where I was reminded of a lot of things. First it was the dog waking me up to remind me to take him out…before the alarm went off. Then being reminded when the alarm went off that I had to trudge through the snow to get where I was going for today. Then reminded throughout the day that I have an almost unhealthy attachment to my phone. Hearing about the plane incident at LaGuardia airport, Cardinal Eagen’s passing and then Harrison Ford’s (aka Blade Runner and Hans Solo) plan crash made me realize that I am blessed.  OK, it just wasn’t’ those things that made me realize that I was blessed but they sure did raise my blessings to the forefront.

Everyday day we have something to be grateful for..either it being able to walk, breathe and care for oneself or having a roof over one’s head. There is always something to be grateful for…always. So, I am grateful for being reminded that I have a lot to be grateful for. Even the snow!

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