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Be the CEO Of Your Life

The premise of my book Boss Lady Basics: Lessons on Life, Love and Leadership is all about showing people how to put the “B” in Boss and be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life.  It took me awhile to become the Boss of my life and when I did let me tell you…it was a great moment. Learning to say No and not feeling guilty. Only saying Yes to things that didn’t require me saying No to myself. And evaluating the people in my life.

The thing I realized is that this is my life and I’m in charge of it – no one else. So I needed to start acting like the Chief Executive Officer of my life. Just like running a Fortune 500 company I started to take stock in my life, including who and what’s in it. People were either promoted, demoted or terminated. Now, it’s not like I drew a line and said “whoever falls below this line is gone.” My “evaluation” process was more on the lines of is it good for the healthy business of me? Meaning, is this person toxic, draining, negative? Does this person help me to be a better person? Does this person bring a smile to my face add light to my life? Does this person constantly bring drama?

Being the Boss is a great thing. Remember you only get one life, might as well own it!

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