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Bad Date? No Worries There’s An App For That

Absolutely brilliant and I’m kinda mad I didn’t develop this one myself.

This has been a long time coming and when I found out about it I was like FINALLY. No more excusing oneself to the bathroom and never coming back or having one of the girls call at 35 minutes into the date possibly set the plan for exiting an excruciatingly bad/boring date. But what’s funny and ironic about this concept is that the couple making folks at eHarmony (yes, the ones that promise to find the perfect one for you) created the Bad Date Rescue app.

So how does this wonderful get out of bad date jail work? The app puts the EXIT power, without having to hurt the other person’s feelings, in your own hands. The app enables you to program your phone to ring at a scheduled time where you’ll receive a scripted message say from “your sister” with news like “I’m going into labor!” The recording even pauses to allow you to react to the message. ¬†Brilliant! And what makes this even sweeter is that its FREE! Download this sweet thing from the App Store and give Meryl Streep a run for her money! Put on an Oscar worthy performance and leave your “bad date” behind.

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