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We all have something to be grateful for. Yes, I said we ALL have something to be grateful for. Everything in your life may not be running on all cylinders but to be honest who does? One of the things that I learned over time is…

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Grace. Remember You Are Blessed. Persevere. Have Hope

Tonight starts Passover and Sunday, April 5th is Easter. The meaning of these holy days are significant to many. For the Jews its the liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt and for Christians its the commemoration of Jesus Christ dying on the cross and rising from the…

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We Can’t Stop the Waves But We Can Learn How To Surf

Stuff is gonna happen. This is your life…the only one you have and YOU are in charge of your happiness. The thing about life is that it’s YOURS and no one can take it away from you. So, go out there and live it. Sure,…

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Can You Pass The Ex Test?

The Ex Test. It’s a little test (no need for #2 pencils) that I’ve come up with over the years and administered to friends who’ve announced after a break up that they are ready to date again. It’s a simple but powerful 4 question test that…

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When The Facade Shatters – An Excerpt from Boss Lady Basics: Lessons on Life, Love and Leadership

From what I remember, my dad was not around much, he was always working; which I can tell you is no different today at the ripe age of 71. When he was living at home, he was always gone before I got up and never…

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Hudson House

Not one to head up “North” for fine dining but I found myself in Nyack, NY for dinner at the Hudson House which happens to be the former jail and village hall for Nyack. Normally, I do not go to places that tout being a…

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Started the evening off with attending a technology mixer and was unceremoniously kicked out due to the impending reservations. Wanting to continue our festivities of talking all things tech we asked what’s a nice place to get something to eat and they say Ecco’s. Since…

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The number one reason so many people give up is that they look at how far it is they have to go instead of how far they have come.

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Keep Going

One of the hardest things to do is to keep going when everything is saying stop. Your feet hurt, your head hurts, your body aches, your heart is so broken and it feels as if its going to just break into shards of little pieces.…

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Cooking Class At Sur La Table

Cooking class at Sur La Table last night was educational. To dispel any myth out there I am a good cook. No, I need to restate that. I’m a GREAT cook. I’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinners for friends for 5 years running as well as countless…

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