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Apple iPhone5 – Y’ALL Got Issues!

The lines were long everywhere the iPhone 5 was being sold. Just like kids on Christmas morning everyone was brimming with excitement to get their hands on their brand new toy. But just like Ralphie from a Christmas Story all was not great.

There is a WIFI issue that is plaguing some iPhone 5 owners – so that Ultrafast Wireless is not so fast after all! Right now Apple engineers are working overtime to fix the issue. When AppleCare was asked if this is a hardware or software issue they have stated that the WPA2 issue seems to be software based and the non-connecting issue may be hardware based, but they are still trying to identify the cause but no resolution is available. Ouch….wouldn’t this completely annoy you? Wow, no “ultrafast wifi” for some iPhone 5 owners.

The next embarrassing issue is with the map app. When I say issues…it’s got ISSUES! Like misplacing locations, poor graphics and showing places that do not exist anymore.  Apple’s way of trying to stick it to GOOGLE has backfired and has just come off making Apple look unprofessional and  clearly not ready to take on GOOGLE MAPS. This supports the current move by Apple to pilfer off as many GOOGLE developers as possible to quickly fix this debacle.

So, you have a fantastic camera, bigger screen, sleeker model and improved Siri. But are these going to be enough to make you forget that you will NEVER be able to find your way around the city or connect to the internet?  Hmmmm.

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