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I read, “if we want to be accepted as we are, we have to be willing to accept others as they are.” That hit home for me because I find that I get mad over people not doing what I would have done. In business I am quick to “meet my customers where they are at.” If they are angry I am not going to come into the discussion with an attitude. I am going to listen to their concerns, gripes and come with a solution. I totally need to do this in my personal life because I definitely wouldn’t be as angry, disappointed and upset.

Totally have to stop wishing people were something they are not.

I have to learn to accept them for who they ARE and not why they didn’t do what I wanted them to do. That’s the thing. They aren’t me. My way isn’t the standard for other people to live. I need to recognize that some people are just incapable of some things and I shouldn’t take that personally. Another great example, stop going to people looking for love, support, empathy when it’s not there and never been there. We wouldn’t go to a rock to get water would we? How foolish does it look to see yourself getting mad at the rock for not giving you water when we all know a rock can’t. We (and I’m especially talking about me) need to learn to accept people for who they are. Once we do that we will be less frustrated, angry and disappointed. Acceptance is giving ourselves and the others the ability to just be.

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