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A little Ditty About The Way of the DIVA…

In continuation of yesterday’s post….We all know that life is not fair.

But life does and can surround you with people who care.  I can count on one hand those that care about me and funny…none of them are my “family” members.

God knows that the world we live in has its ups and its downs. From earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis to Gabrielle Giffords defying all odds.

But what life teaches us, if we are willing to learn, is to take the good with the bad.

So, my personal mantra is….

To take the ONLY life that I have and give it my best of the best.

I will think positive, will be shit kicking happy and  let the Universe handle the rest.

I am going to take every single freakin’ challenge that life has laid at my feet and I will be thankful, for each and every one that I  meet.

God knows that I am not perfect and I will definitely stumble and fall. But I know since I am NOT PERFECT I am will continue to show myself compassion and forgive myself for every slip and fall.

Every day that I am able to wake up…I will treat it as a gift and will give it my all.

Oh…and  I will take the love that I am  given and will be sure to return it without limitation.

I will continue to have faith because life has taught me that it will always be there…if I continue to believe.

Since my days are not promised, I will take the time to FIND the beauty in all things I see. From walking my pup Chance to seeing a homeless man take a piss on a tree.

The point that I am trying to make in my own silly little way is this…

Life is an amazing gift that is too precious to waste being miserable, jealous, defeatist, being or playing the victim. In the end, its my life. No one is responsible for what happens in it, to it or  the quality of it….except me.

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