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A Few Things To Remember

Life is too short for nonsense. So refuse to be unhappy. Be happy instead. Refuse to let your problems become so overwhelming. Just take one at a time. Just because I write about this stuff doesn’t mean that I don’t need a reminder once in awhile =)

Today was one of those days where I was forgetting some of the main tenets of living a happy life. I was biting off more than I could chew and things started to get overwhelming. I was getting upset and then I took a deep breath. Then took another. And another.  Then I started to put things into their compartments and started too tackle things one by one. My schedule gets so packed at times where I am expected to be at two places at once. Clearly that’s impossible but at times I get to the point where I am actually trying to make it work. Then my new found word comes into play. No.

I also have to remember not to complain about things. Because complaining is not going to change a darn thing. Work to improve your surroundings and work to create the world you want it to be. Like my rescheduling the meeting. OK, it may sound like I am oversimplifying things but it is really that simple. If you are not in a happy relationship. Get out. If you don’t like your job start looking for another.

The next thing I need to remind myself is not to dwell on mistakes and disappointments that are just a part of life. Stuff happens. We don’t live in a bubble so errors, omissions and other stuff is going to happen. But don’t let that small stuff unravel you. There are bigger things that you are going to need to address and need your attention. Yea, I gotta remember that one.

Remember to believe in yourself at ALL times and in all aspects of your life. Because, before you know it, those wonderful dreams will come true and your life will be happy and successful.

Yup, I have remember that one too.


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